Recognize the reason.

Photograph by "Fallon Johnson"

You are exactly where you need to be. I’ve come to realize this is more true the longer I continue on this journey. I’ve long lost the idea of “coincidence” and have since come to understand that nothing that happens is worthless. No matter how worthless it may make you feel in that moment, you are feeling it because you need to. It is your time to experience this emotion, your lesson to be learned.

Tomorrow I am leaving San Diego to work in Northern California on a farm through the winter. This is something that just a few years ago, I would have never even thought of doing. Things happen in life and reveal a trueness to oneself that brightens a path they may not have otherwise seen. To me, this is just the beginning of so many wonderful things to come. My intention on the farm is to learn, to help, and to share my enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge with others who are interested in this and other alternative lifestyles. For the duration of my stay, I feel that I should keep a constant connection with those who are intrigued, or just curious about what’s going on. Which is where this blog comes in. If not only to keep my friends and family updated on my journey, I hope to inspire anyone who may be considering doing something similar. Life is, after all; one big adventure. Sometimes it knocks you down, but there will always be something else waiting to enter. It’s not always right in front of your face, but you will always end up in the right spot. Traveling around the past couple years has taught me and shown me so much about this world.

Place by place and piece by piece I am creating my wanderland.

So here’s to the next journey, the next adventure, the next big move…

Live, love, and GROW!

I’ll try to keep up on this to the best of my ability, and update you all with exciting new stuff as often as I can. I have no idea what direction this will take, or what to expect but even if it’s not all farm related, you’ll still be hearing from me. Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride!  ❤